Responsibility of Reviewer

Responsibility of Reviewer:
Reviewer help to editor in making final decision and also help authors to improve the quality of drafting and finding in manuscript with proper guidance. The review and reporting of article depends on the qualification and subject expertisation. If the provided manuscript fall beyond the scope and expertise, the reviweres should inform immediately to EIC.
Peer reviewer should agree to review manuscripts for which they have the subject expertise required to carry out a proper assessment and which they can assess in a timely manner.
They should respect the confidentiality of peer review and not reveal any details of a manuscript or its review, during or after the peer-review process, beyond those that are released by the journal. The information obtained during the peer-review process for their own or any other person’s or organization’s advantage, or to disadvantage or discredits others. We declare the potential conflicting interests, seeking advice from the journal if unsure whether something constitutes a relevant interest.
It is not allow our reviews to be influenced by the origins of a manuscript, by the nationality, religious or political beliefs, gender or other characteristics of the authors, or by commercial considerations.
Reviewers should not review manuscripts in which they find conflicts of interest and connections with any of the authors, companies, or institutions connected to the papers.
The reviewer should not place any criticism for the author or his research work while reviewing.
It is the duty of reviewer to provide information and suggestion with sufficient reason and clarificaton to EIC while making the decision.
The works submitted in our journal are subjected to rigorous double bilnd peer review by expert reviewers. We also assure that peer review is largely a reciprocal endeavour and undertake to carry out fair share of reviewing and in a timely manner.